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December 14, 2006



That phone is very snazzy! My Thursday is just beginning, but I bet I won't get to see a cat on a leash. Sad.


I love the new u. Miss blogett! Sounds like Christmas in China is going very well. I like waiting in line to mail my "China" package. Yes it's going all the way to my daughter, she teaches in China you know:) Really they say and I with a slight smile say yes in China at a medical univercity. Other parents are just mailing to Seattle.


Wow, 2 posts in 2 days! A new record! I haven't even read them yet, I was just so excited to see new stuff on here! Ok, I'll read now.


cool phone!

and cat! i saw an armadillo on a leash once. someone was walking it in a gutter, but it unfortunately did not have any chinese dumplings.

and hey, good job running! i need to start again (don't i always say that?) and i need to write you a real email : )

miss you!!

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