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Hello Kitty gate at Taiwan airport
Green Relaxing Zone at Taiwan airport
Traveling via red truck in Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai street with red truck taxi
King's sister's memorial
Night Bazaar
Chiang Mai Starbucks
Night Bazaar2
Where I worked every day - the hotel office
View from hotel office (home for three weeks)
She-men Parade
Elephants, Chiang Mai
So big and trunky
More orchids (farm)
Flower Festival Parade, Chiang Mai
Flower Festival Parade2
Street Crepes!
Our printer always smoked
Our Big Group - Yay for Conference!
Locking our office for the last time - thanks Crackers!
Dissassembling office
Top Hat Biker
Penang, Malaysia - street with N&K packing
Penang street at night
Milo Milk Man
N & K with Indian street food - Penang
Kim Pretty
Kim How
No brothel for us! Peking Hotel - Penang
Street food menu (3 Ringget = $1)
We love Thai iced tea...even in a bag...and even in Malaysia
Langkapuri hotel lobby - Langkawi Island
We three dining on a Langkawi beach
Seven Wells - Langkawi
View from Seven Wells
Riding/sliding the seven wells
Beach - Langkawi
N & K motoing - Langkawi
I moto, too!
Acquarium - Langkawi
Crab Sand Designs
Amazing crabs! Beach shot - Langkawi
More amazing crab designs & view of beach - Langkawi
Hello, Crabby
K captures crabs with cool shells
No ___ in taxi? - Bangkok
Royal Grand Palace - Bangkok
Tuk Tuk - Bangkok