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I'm from the Pacific Northwest of the USA - Brush Prairie, Washington, to be exact (across the river from Portland, Oregon). I got a BS in English in Salem, Oregon; taught on and off in China from August 2001 to July 2007; while in the States during that time, did video editing work - freelance for a bit and then for an agriculture development organization called ECHO (which had me living in Ft. Myers, Florida, for a couple of years); then lived in Pasadena, California, for a year and Ft. Collins, Colorado, for another year and a half, in both cases working for the non-profit that I went to China with. Now I'm in Glasgow, Scotland, working on a PhD in Creative Writing. So that should keep me busy until summer of 2014, at least.


I guess I like wandering around - seeing places, meeting people, looking for stories, writing them down, checking out nature...all that.